The first three days of my trip started off wonderfully as I managed to keep up my daily blogging, but as the lack of sleep caught up to me, I became terrible at editing my photos on a daily basis. 

Now, here we are at the end of the November and I am just getting around to finishing up the photos from our 3 week long trip to Europe. What I could not wait to post were my photos from Disneyland Paris.

Disneyland manages to hold my heart and I was lucky enough to visit three parks in three different countries in a matter of two months: Disneyland Anaheim, DisneySea Tokyo, and Disneyland Paris. I would say lucky is quite an understatement.

This was my second time at Disneyland Paris, but I enjoyed it much more. Having grown up less than a half hour from the original Disneyland, my image of Disneyland consisted of just that park. I felt as if Disneyland Paris was missing the magic Disneyland Anaheim has always given me. 

It took going to DisneySea in Tokyo to realize the magic is not absent from these parks. I needed to take a step back and realize each park has its own unique feel, but are not in any way missing the magic. 

This time around I really felt the magic and I am sure it helped I was traveling with a cast member. Another difference is this time the Ratatouille ride was open and boy does this ride not disappoint. I would argue it is one of Disney's best rides. 

I won't bore you too much more, so here is a look into our long, rainy day at Disneyland Paris: