FLORENCE | DAYS 10, 11, & 13 | AUGUST 2016

Florence was collectively our favorite city. It featured the quaint, Italian vibe we were looking for in Italy, which Rome lacked. 

We wandered the little streets for three days, eating gelato, and people watching around the Duomo. There is not a whole ton to do in this city, but its beauty makes up for it and it was a wonderful chance to relax while enjoying each other's company. We had quite a few odd experiences while hanging around the city and this is where most of our stories come from. We will forever harass Sam about her Italian boyfriend who honked his horn and make kissing noises every time he saw her around the city.

But our hostel (glorified camping) tops all of those stories. While looking for a place to stay in Florence, the view from this hostel is what stood out to us. It was a good idea in theory. Little did we know, if there is a view of the city, then there is a hill right below it. It was also August, the hottest month in Italy. We spent the next few days hiking up and down a mile and a half, sweating our butts off, and being eaten alive by mosquitos. We told ourselves we would laugh about it once it was over, but I think I am the only one laughing about it now with the scars from the bites as a permanent reminder. I think everyone still wants to kill me for booking this place. 

Hey, but this is what backpacking Europe is all about. Nothing goes as planned and that is the beauty of it. 

And here, is my favorite experience from the entire trip. Right after taking this picture we were yelled at by an angry Italian man and we ran down a little Italian street laughing away. We are not completely sure why he was yelling at us, but we assume it was because it was disrespectful to take this picture? Ironic since David's junk was featured on these shorts with just the right positioning.