For the last few years, I have been visiting the Pacific Northwest at least every six months, but lately it has become more like every three months. Seattle has always had my heart and I even expected to move there after graduating college. Of course life happens and I am still in LA, but lately I have been drawn more to Portland as I have been spending some more time there. Portland has slowly passed Seattle and is now my number one to move to.

One of my closest friends from college, and the same friend I traveled with to Europe, happens to be from Portland. After getting back from Europe, she headed home, but planned on making the move back down to Southern California. Things happened a little faster than initially planned, so I was quickly off on a flight to Portland to help her drive her car and things back down. 

Sam lives on the most adorable farm style house right outside of Portland on Sauvie Island, which feels like the middle of nowhere, but is just a short 15 minute drive into the city. I should have taken a picture of the place, especially since I keep promising my mom one. I will get one next time.

Visiting her family was wonderful since they have quickly become like family to me. They are the sweetest people ever and oh so welcoming. They make the idea of potentially moving to Portland much easier as I know they would be there in a heartbeat if something were to happen. 

We spent the few days we had in Portland celebrating Sam's graduation from Biola University with friend's and family, exploring Powell's, hanging with her lifelong friends, taking a hike to Eagle Creek, and of course drinking copious amounts of chai lattes from Dutch Bros. I mean, what kind of trip to Oregon would it be if I did not go to Dutch Bros far too many times.

Once our time was up, we spent two days driving back down to California making a stop at Crater Lake National Park and staying with our friend Amy who we used to live with on the same floor in our college dorm.

I look forward to my next trip to Portland, but I know that it will be soon. Let's be real, I can't go too long without visiting either Seattle or Portland before I begin to have withdrawals.