ROME | DAYS 4, 5, 6, & 7 | AUGUST 2016

We are going to skip a few days here as our two days in Paris were very chill as the lack of sleep and jet lag was beginning to catch up.

On August 15th, we hopped on an afternoon flight to Rome. Visiting this city was a dream for me. Having grown up in a very Italian family, I was ecstatic to experience my culture in its country.

Rome is also an iconic place in the Bible and having just graduated from Biola University, I was also thrilled to be seeing history right in front of my eyes. But let's be real, Lizzie McGuire was the real reason why I was so excited to visit this city.

Now here is the truth, I had set my expectations of Rome pretty high (cough Lizzie McGuire cough) and although seeing history on a daily basis was incredible, it did not meet my expectations. The city was quite dirty and I did not feel as safe walking around at night.

I am not trying discourage you from visiting Rome — please do go visit it! Just make sure you set your bar a little lower.

Despite the dirt and lack of safety, Rome was great. We ate copious amounts of gelato and pizza and constantly stumbling upon history that was thousands of years old was incredible. I do encourage anyone and everyone to visit this city, but make sure to visit other cities within the country to really get the feel of the Italian culture.