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Packing for a weekend in Portland

Packing for a weekend in Portland

I am off to Portland yet again and this time I have decided to share with you what I packed for my trip. I am quite a light packer, only ever using a carry on. It's actually been over 5 years since I last checked a bag and I have no plans of turning back unless a trip absolutely requires it. What I have found over the years of traveling is that you never need everything in your giant suitcase. You will end up wearing the same 5 things over and over despite how much you packed. 


One of my first tips is to pack your favorite items from your closet since those are things you will actually wear. I first go through my closet, pull out my favorites, and lay out everything I want to bring on my trip.


Once it is all out, I pull out the items I don't believe I will need. Here I pulled out about three shirts I didn't need. I also always check the weather before starting on the packing and will pack an extra, light t-shirt or two just in case the weather in Portland decides to be a little warmer than planned. 


Now my strategy for getting everything into the suitcase is rolling my clothes except for jeans and sweaters. These kinds of items tend to be much bulkier when rolled up, so those are simply folded. On almost all my trips, I bring two pairs of pants since washing machines exist in case of emergencies. I will wear one pair on the plane and pack the other. Once all the rolled up items are in my bag, I will set the folded items on top, and then strap it all in. 


I almost always pack a pair of hiking boots for Portland since I am a huge hiker. I never find myself packing a pair of rain boots since I live in California and don't own a pair. My hiking boots are waterproof, so if needed they can also double as rain boots. I also only pack two pairs of shoes on every trip (not including my hiking boots on Oregon trips) and will wear my heaviest and/or bulkiest pair on the plane. Two is my go to number since I will probably wear my favorite and most comfortable pair the entire trip and the second pair serves as a backup as well as a little variety.


I place my hiking boots into a bag since they tend to go through mud and water often. I then throw in my makeup bag, toiletry bag (minus liquids), and any loose items that need a home.


My absolute favorite packing hack is Travel Space Bags. They work just like the vacuum bags, but instead of sucking the air out, you push it out of the bag yourself by rolling it. If I am going on a long trip, I will even place my clothes in some Space Bags for extra room, but on a regular trip, I use it for my underwear, socks, and bandanas. I find these can take up a lot of room, so the Space Bags are perfect since it doesn't matter if these items get wrinkled. For each trip, I pack the same amount of underwear and socks for how many days I will be away as well as an extra two pairs. Like I said before, there are always washing machines and you can even hand wash stuff in a hotel sink if you're desperate. 

Well, those are some of my packing tips and tricks. If you would like me to do this again, comment below and let me know what kinds of trips you would like tips for. I may do one before my trip to Paris next month since I will need to pack a carry on backpack under 20 pounds (including my camera gear). 

Yet another visit to Portland

Yet another visit to Portland

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