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A Trip to the Hundred Acre Wood in Style

A Trip to the Hundred Acre Wood in Style

Spring has truly sprung here in California! Just about everywhere you turn, there’s wildflowers springing up from the often drought ridden landscape.

I’m sure many of you have seen the headlines regarding the poppy chaos. To avoid this madness, Quin and I decided to take a trip to the Carlsbad Flower Fields. Although it does cost to get in, we arrived at opening and there were few people there. It was worth it to pay the money and not worry about the traffic or crowds. The employees even monitor the fields, so visitors aren’t trampling through like at the poppies. This option is much more eco friendly as the fields are grown with the intention of visitors and photos. With that, although it may appear I am in the fields, there are little cut outs into the flowers and we shot at a very low angle to create the allusion of endless flowers, but I am definitely sitting on a carpeted area.

If you do plan on visiting any wildflowers this season, please remember to be a good steward of this earth and stay on the designated trails, not just any manmade trail. Definitely look into visiting man made fields rather than wild fields as a way to discourage reckless human behavior!



I knew I wanted to take photos here at the fields the second they bloomed and what’s more spring than our favorite yellow bear? A classic red tee and yellow bottom was a must when it came to this shoot.

I grabbed a couple of my favorite vintage backpacks, both I found thrifting. If you’re on the hunt for a classic plush backpack, I highly recommend visiting your local thrift stores regularly; I always find mine in the kids section! If you’re willing to spend a bit more money, Ebay also has a great selection available.

These shorts were also another AMAZING thrift find! I had been eyeing them at Target last year, but just a few months later, I found them at my local thrift store for only a few dollars.

IMG_5399 2.JPG

There isn’t anyone who loves Pooh more than my sweet friend Cindy — she’s obsessed! She was so kind and let me borrow this adorable shirt from she picked up from BoxLunch a while ago. I definitely recommend borrowing pieces from friends when heading to the parks. As much as I would love to own all the Disney merch out there, it’s not practical either cost or waste wise. I regularly borrow Disney accessories and clothing from my friends, especially for last minute shoots when shipping isn’t quick enough.

IMG_5398 2.JPG

And of course, this hat you’ve come to know well. I wasn’t planning on wearing it with the outfit, but I brought it just in case lighting became harsh and I needed something to keep the bright sun off my face. Of course, the day we went to the flower fields, was one without clouds — just my luck! If you’re ever shooting in the direct sun and you’re skin is as white as mine, hats are the perfect way to make sure you don’t look like you’re reflecting the sun lol.



IMG_5400 2.JPG

And what kind of blog post would it be without a 70s inspired look? I have had a ton of weddings to attend lately, I guess that’s just part of getting older! With each wedding, I’ve tried to grab versatile pieces I can dress either up or down. In this case, my striped dress I wore to our friends Trent and Mandi’s wedding was the perfect piece to dress down. I have had an obsession with midi length, wrap dresses, especially since I am on the smaller size. If you’re also the size of a 12 year old, this style s super flattering as midi length will hit right below your knees and the wrap style allows you to tighten the dress around your waist!

IMG_5401 2.JPG

I have had this brown hat for years and recently fell in love with it again. It’s also the perfect way to dress down a look and provide a bit of protection from the sun. Plus, it has all the vintage vibes! Isn’t rediscovering old pieces just the best?

And if you look closely, you may notice the Winnie the Pooh record! It’s another vintage find and one my favorite pieces of decor — I just love decorating my space with subtle hints of vintage Disney.

IMG_5402 2.JPG

As you may have noticed, backpacks are my go to style bag, especially Loungefly ones! They’re perfect for a day in the parks or to rock a bit of Disney style in everyday life. I have a few different styles and more often than not, I find myself using them in everyday life. The best part of this bag? It’s corduroy! Rumor has it, this fall we’re going to see a bunch of cord in stores and I can’t contain my excitement.

Which Disney character reminds your most of spring? Let me know in the comments below!

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