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4 Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Disney bounds

4 Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Disney bounds

It' still boggles my mind that Galaxy’s Edge is officially open to the public! It seems like just yesterday there were orange boxes featuring R2-D2 cutouts and blueprints on the expo floor of D23 hinting at the expansion; now the vision has come to life.

Although the land isn’t perfect and Rise of the Resistance won’t open for 6 more months, I am happy there’s finally a place in the parks to rock my Star Wars style — I was starting to run out of spots in Tomorrowland!

I made sure to take advantage of the opportunity to create some bounds during the reservation period in June. Just the other day, I was talking to a friend about how fun it was to dress up for our reservations and to see everyone else rocking their Star Wars best. It truly made it such an immersive experience!

If you’re planning a trip to Batuu soon, here’s a dose of style inspiration! I highly recommend dressing up and really diving into the experience. It will make it that much better!




On my first official visit to Batuu, I knew I wanted to bound as Leia, the girl who inspired us all! It only seemed fitting to honor this powerful female of the galaxy. I know that if Carrie Fisher were here to see the land, she would be proud of what she helped inspire.

One of the easiest bounds I put together, Leia’s look is iconic due to her buns. With a white dress and this hairstyle, everyone will know who you’re bounding. I found this perfect dress and belt thrifting, but no need to fear, I found many white dresses and silver belts while seraching. You can definitely put this entire outfit together on a budget!

I am a big believer in adding a recognizable piece, usually a bag, to each bound. For this look, I chose this R2-D2 fanny pack worn cross body. All together, this outfit immediately reminds me of the scene “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope”!




After hanging out with the light side for a day, I knew my dark side would come out on the next visit to Batuu. Personally, I am a huge fan of the Empire and First Order, but find the Resistance colors match my vibe more. This was another outfit that was easy to put together since Kylo Ren has such an iconic lightsaber. With a simple black dress, adding his saber makes the look instantly recognizable.

I found both the shirt and vintage velvet skirt at the thrift store, as well as the black belt. I layered the silver belt from my Leia look on top of the black to add in a bit of the silver from his mask. If looking for a lightsaber, I recommend borrowing one from a kid in your family or even checking your local thrift store! My younger cousin was sweet enough to let me take this into the park for the perfect gram.

For Madasen’s Darth Vader look, she just simply paired a red belt with a black dress. Add in a red lightsaber and the look is complete. Don’t forget the black combat boots for that extra edge!




One of the best droids in the galaxy, C-3PO was a must, especially considering how perfect this Harvey’s bag is for the look. Like I said before, in my opinion, the perfect bag will instantly pull together any look!

Believe it or not, this look is actually a dress and a skirt. I am a huge fan of tying up a tee over a dress, it’s a quick way to create a new look with something already in your closet. I picked up both the shirt and dress at the thrift store, but any gold sort of outfit will complete this bound.




To round out my Batuu bounds, I knew Rey needed to be last. I wanted to start off with a strong female character and end it on another. Although I haven’t agreed with the direction Disney has taken the Star Wars franchise, especially after the mess that is The Last Jedi, I do stan Rey 100%.

I love walking through Galaxy’s Edge and seeing all the little girls dressed up like her. I beyond happy there’s finally a female lead for these little girls to look up to — it’s about darn time! Every time I see a younger girl dressed up in a Star Wars costume, even Marvel, I make sure to comment on how I love their outfit or how strong they look. I highly encourage other female nerds out there to do the same! The smiles I see and twinkle in their eye that a “bigger” girl loves their look makes it all worth it. We still live in a time as females where we have to prove that “we actually know” Star Wars or Marvel, so let’s stand together in cultivating a love for all things nerdy in the next generation.

Anyway, let’s move on to the outfit! Recognize the dress? It’s the same one I used for my Leia bound! To turn it into the perfect Rey look, I popped into my local craft store and picked up some cheese cloth. I cut out two strips that were about 6 inches wide, slung them over each shoulder and added a brown belt.

Like Leia, Rey also has an iconic hairstyle, which makes it another easy bound. To finish out my look, I added a BB-8 back!

Which Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge bound was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

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