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90s Throwback with Captain Marvel

90s Throwback with Captain Marvel

I can’t begin to express how stoked I am for the Captain Marvel film releasing later this week. In celebration of the first ever female led Marvel movie, I’ve pulled together a couple looks inspired by her iconic fashion from vintage comics to her more modern style.

For those of you new to this character, Captain Marvel or Carol Danvers, serves in the air force and discovers her powers after an explosion. Although her character was created in the 60s, we will see her come to the big screen in the 90s. With this in mind, I knew this shoot had take place among the basis of her character: planes! And of course some 90s style needed to be incorporated.


My first look was inspired by Captain Marvel’s vintage comic book style and the more casual clothes of the 90s: mom jeans, tees, flannels, and fanny packs. Think DJ Tanner style: the epitome of comfy and cute.

Snapseed 17.jpg

And what kind of 90s look would it be without a classic fanny pack. I was tipped off about this gem of a bag by a coworker who found it in the girl’s section at Target. And the best part? It’s only $10. SCORE!, but they’re hard to find in stores, so hurry before they’re all gone. And you all are well acquainted with my go to pair of jeans I thrifted a few months back.

Snapseed 18 copy.jpg

Comfy, big tees finished off with a flannel around the waist always reminds me of this time period. This perfect vintage tee was gifted to me by Marvel and I can’t stop freaking out over the fact MARVEL HAS MY ADDRESS ON FILE!! Literally a dream.


Marvel also gifted me this glove and even though it’s a toy, I knew I needed to recreate the iconic Captain Marvel pose. You can find this glove at Target as well as in the parks.


My second look was inspired the ever popular Rachel Green and based on the updated Captain Marvel style. When I think 90s, Jennifer Aniston’s style is one of the top if not the first that comes to mind.

Snapseed 21.jpg
Snapseed 20.jpg

I started off this preppy look with my go to mock turtle neck shirt, which I thrifted a few months ago and is actually from the 90s! I also found this plaid skirt at my local thrift shop and I didn’t know how hard of a task finding the perfect skirt would be. The problem? They’re all school uniforms!

Snapseed 19.jpg

I finished off the look with some Buckle-Down accessories that were so kindly gifted to me in preparation for the new movie! Both the belt and wallet pull together the more modern color scheme we are going to see this week in theaters.

Which 90s look would you wear: comfy, casual or preppy?

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