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Dapper Day 2018

Dapper Day 2018

One of the most anticipated Disneyland events of the year, Dapper Day, has come and gone, but the memories we made will remain forever. Despite waking up early and staying out late, this day is always a whirlwind and seems to end in a flash. I wish it could last a wee bit longer, but I guess I just have the spring Dapper Day to look forward to now.

This year my friend Rachel and I planned a Peter Pan bound and it proved to be the most challenging outfit yet for me! I was lucky enough to find a vintage nightgown that looked like Wendy’s for just 40 cents at the thrift store, but the challenge was turning it more into a dapper style. I would say about 12 hours went into the making of the dress, which is much, much more than anticipated — I am still exhausted and I didn’t even do most of the sewing!

The dress was originally long sleeved, zero shape, and hemmed up, but I knew I wanted to chop the sleeves, cinch the waist, expand the bottom of the dress, and undo the hem. Boy was this a task, but my dad is an amazing sewer and made my grand dream come true with the absolute perfect Wendy dapper style dress. I really owe him for helping me put this look together!

And what’s Wendy without her adorable puppy Nana, so I picked up a plain black purse at the thrift store and created the perfect accessory. I put together this purse with some fur fabric, felt, and fabric glue from the local craft store and voila, the perfect bag to complete the look.

Overall, the total of my outfit came out to just under $30 — shoes, purse, and all! Plus it’s much more environmentally friendly and the vintage nightgown really played homage to Wendy Darling.


The Peter to my Wendy! Rachel’s perfect Peter Pan bound is really what completed this look and her idea of using the Animation wall in DCA was absolute GENIUS.


You can’t celebrate Dapper Day without a couple Main Street pictures, it’s practically sinning. Maybe I need to cool it with the pictures here though. I’ve noticed my entire feed has basically become a Main Street feed — ha!

And the best part of the day? We found a Captain Hook in our sweet friend Karen! It was such a fun time running around the parks and bumping into friends along the way. We didn’t even go on a single ride, but this day was nothing short of fun. Now onto the next two big events this month: Christmas and Mickey’s 90th Birthday!

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