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Two Simply Meant to Be Nightmare Before Christmas Looks

Two Simply Meant to Be Nightmare Before Christmas Looks

You’re joking, you’re joking, I can’t believe my eyes — it’s already October 1st! In this town, we call home, October first signals Halloween and everyone hails to the pumpkin song. In celebration of the best time of year, I put together two looks inspired by my favorite Nightmare Before Christmas characters: Jack and Sally. When it comes to these two, it is plain as anyone can see, Jack and Sally are simply meant to be, which means it’s required to bound as both at some point during the Halloween season.


NBC 1.jpg

This look is all about boho meets Sally! But If I am being honest, when I first saw the dress online I thought it was a little more similar to Sally’s and not as boho. I am not sure what I was on, but I love the mistake! As you guys know, I am all about the 70s vibe and this dress from Lulu’s matches perfectly, especially paired with these throwback boots also from Lulu’s.


I think I fell in love more with the look since it’s not an exact copy, but rather just an inspiration based on her patch dress, which truly is the essence of a bound. But in order to make sure the bound was recognizable, I borrowed, well borrowed, stole, same thing, this wooden spoon from my mom’s kitchen!

I always love to throw in something iconic from the character whether it be a purse, hat, or accessory they use, like a spoon. I truly believe that’s what makes a bound go above and beyond!

NBC 3.jpg

Although this bound wasn’t as close to Sally’s dress as I had originally planned, the patchwork detail in the dress is still totally Sally! I really think you could take nearly any patch style dress and turn it into a look inspired by the character.

Jack Skellington

NBC 4.jpg

That’s right. I AM THE PUMPKIN KING! I’ve had this look planned for a while since I already owned the pants, which I bought at Forever 21 a few months ago and unfortunately are no longer available. I’m sure you’ve all seen these appear on the gram a few times and, yes, I admit I’m an outfit repeater and proud of it! It’s so fun to reimagine pieces and it’s quiet cost effective.

I was actually wearing these a few months ago for the first time and the second Cindy saw them, she quickly said I needed to do a Jack bound when Halloween came around — you’re wish is my command 😂I’d had the look planned for months sans blazer, but came across the perfect finishing touch at the thrift store a few weeks ago. I’d picked it up in hopes of wearing it to the Disneyland Social Media Celebration. I happened to glance across my room and noticed both the pants and jacket sitting next to each other in my laundry basket. Fate truly stepped in during that moment as I quickly realized these two pieces were simple meant to be! I scratched the DSMC idea and wore the red blazer you all saw a few weeks ago instead, saving the striped blazer for the bound.

NBC 5.jpg

Jack’s bowtie truly is the most iconic piece he wears, which meant I needed to find one of my own. I thought I would end up having to make it myself, but lo and behold, Loungefly had me covered at Hot Topic!

NBC 6.jpg

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust! Ohh, I'm feeling weak - with hunger! Now is it truly Halloweentime if you haven’t tried a Disney treat yet? This treat rice crispy treat is in my top 5 of the season! Inside you’ll find a few gummy worms and rather than a chocolate coating, which is great since I am not the biggest fan of chocolate, the treat is covered in frosting. I definitely recommend giving it a try!

Who’s your favorite Nightmare Before Christmas characters? Let me know in the comments!

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