My last day in Portland started off with a Grace Belle Instameet at Good Coffee. It was wonderful to sit around for a couple hours and discuss all things from work to school to travel with girls pursuing similar careers while drinking, you guessed it, a chai. Good Coffee’s chai lands near the top of my list with its “good” balance between sweet and spicy. Often, I find one outweighs the other, but this drink was just right.

After a while, our tummies began to rumble and we knew we needed to get brunch in us soon. We were in Portland, brunch is more of a thing here than Los Angeles, so we had to partake and decided on Trinket. We took a 15 minute stroll through the neighborhood to the next destination and although it was raining, it was nice knowing this may be the last bit of rain I experience before the LA heat hits. As you can see in the photo below, my shoe choice this day was not the best since I did not expect to walk around, but I survived.

I am a big fan of eggs benedict and a local sitting next to me informed me I must order the duck eggs benedict. It was a little more than I wanted to pay, but I didn’t spend much money on food this trip with all of our collaborations and I knew I would regret not ordering this must try dish, so I splurged a little, well, the college grad’s version of splurging. And boy, did this dish not disappoint. The ducks eggs, canadian bacon, and hollandaise sauce, which had a sweeter flavor than normal complemented each other perfectly and I did not regret my decision one bit.

We still had some extra time before I had to head off to the airport, so we made a stop at Tea Bar to get some work done. I had been wanting to try this place for quite some time and was beyond excited to fit it into my last day. This shop is any photographer's dream with it’s open space and perfect lighting. I ordered a chai boba and took some photos — I couldn’t miss out on this opportunity.

Sadly, my time in Portland was coming to an end and Sam’s dad came to pick me up to take me to the airport. As some of you may have seen, the Grace Belle girls did in fact stay longer. Unfortunately, due to my job, I had to head back a couple days early, but the time spent wandering one of my favorite cities was the break I needed from work and a reminder of why I want to move to this city. This trip served as a way for me to make one last decision if this is where I want to be — and it is. It may be in a couple months or maybe in year, but it is all in God’s timing.

*Good Coffee photos courtesy of Samantha Olson and edited by me*