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3 Rock the Dots Inspired Looks

3 Rock the Dots Inspired Looks

#NationalPolkaDotDay is finally here and it’s time for Minnie Mouse to shine. In honor of this very special day, I pulled together three looks inspired by her iconic fashion, but with a casual twist. I am all about comfortable overalls, a great tee, and classic vans when it comes to my looks, so I tried my best to blend my style along with Minnie Mouse.

This look is all about the classic Minnie colors from her infamous yellow heels to her adorable polka dot bow. The best part about this look is that it’s almost entirely thrifted minus the vans, but you can bet I found a great deal on those too.

My yellow shirt is inspired by her yellow shoes and I paired it with white I overalls which, I cut the legs a few inches shorter for a cropped, unhemmed look. You may recognize these from my Bert Bound since I am all about a good outfit repeat!

I actually found these park official ears at a thrift store a few weeks ago and knew they would be perfect to celebrate Minnie’s special day. When it comes to thrifting ears, Halloween time is the best chance of finding a pair since most consider them a costume piece. My mom also found this adorable Minnie Mouse backpack at a yard sale a few years ago, which is another way to find unique Disney pieces. I then finished off the look with my bestie Eve Taylor’s, polka dot neck tie.

I started off this look with a sweater from the ever popular Forever 21 collection. I wasn’t much of a fan when the collection first released, but it’s funky representation of our favorite duo eventually won me over. I paired it with skirt that I found at, you guessed it, a thrift store!

I am all about pairing skirts with a good pair of vans, but of course I forgot to get a photo of the entire look in one shot. I love how a casual shoe can turn any skirt into a much more relaxed look, making it a bit more comfortable for an afternoon in the parks. I know some worry about rocking at skirt at the parks and find it impractical, but if you’re only going for a few hours, then I definitely recommend giving it a shot. Maybe wear a pair of shorts underneath if you’re afraid of giving anyone a show!

I am a huge fan of plain mickey ears as they easily can be turned into a Minnie style version with a scarfor bow. I used the same Eve Taylor neck tie from the previous look as a hair accessory for this one - they are just so versatile!

And last, but not least, the most comfy and casual look of them all with a 90s mom twist. I am a huge advocate for great pair jeans and a tee shirt, which you can most often find me rocking in the parks.

This particular pair of jeans I thrifted for $2, but don’t they look like the kind you would find at Urban Outfitters for upwards of $100? I highly recommend searching your local thrift stores high and low for these classic jeans, but be warned they aren’t easy to find. For every 100 pairs I go through, I maybe find one in the classic mom jean style that fit perfectly. To me it’s worth the search for not only a great deal, but also high quality denim you just don’t come across at stores anymore.

I paired my high rise jeans with this cropped tee also found in the Forever 21 collection and my favorite pair of slip-on vans. Vans are definitely my park go to and with some insoles added in, you can last for hours in these shoes.

I topped the look off with this adorable Minnie Mouse hat from Cakeworthy and my new pair of glasses, which I will be rocking from now on.

Which one of these looks is your favorite? Do you find yourself to be a jeans and tee park goer or a bit more high fashion?

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