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Unexpected Rain in Mammoth Mountain

Unexpected Rain in Mammoth Mountain

Yet another weekend of traveling, but this one was definitely a bit calmer. We did not have any brands to work with or ads to shoot. We simply just had time to spend together and enjoy God's creation.

Our original plan was to head up to Yosemite, but a few days before, a fire started and was making its way through the park. We had heard there was a ton of smoke, so much the valley was barely visible. I have terrible allergies and we decided it was best to make a plan B. Our next idea was to head up to Mammoth Mountain. 

We headed out Thursday morning and made it to our campsite right after dark. I used to fear setting up camp in the dark, but I think I have become a pro at it now. The hardest part about showing up after dark without a reservation is finding an open spot. Thankfully we found the perfect one that was very secluded and quite large. 

We were so tired, we crashed right away without dinner and woke up in time the next morning to experience sunrise at the lake right down from our campsite. We ran around the lake hopping into boats for pictures and walking across amazing docks. Nothing beats the sunrise light. It is just so soft, gentle, and nothing is better than being one of the first people awake. We basically had the entire lake to ourselves that morning.

After our sunrise shoot, we headed back for some breakfast and a little nap before our hike of the day. My all time favorite camping breakfast is oatmeal with bananas and granola. All it takes is hot water to make and is incredibly cheap. 

We decided on hiking Rainbow Falls, which is a short 2.7 mile hike to an incredible waterfall that was reminiscent of the ones you would find in the Pacific Northwest. If looking for a hike, I definitely recommend this one. It is more of a stroll with a high reward at the end and even in my converse, because I forgot my hiking boots at home, this hike was an easy one. Before heading to this hike though, we stumbled upon Sotcher Lake where we ate our lunch. I think there are marmots there, which are one of my favorite animals, but we didn't find any on this trip sadly.

On our way back from Rainbow Falls, it suddenly began to drizzle and thunder rocked Mammoth Mountain. Normally this wouldn't be too much of a problem, but we left the fly off the tent to sleep under the stars since there wasn't a cloud in the sky. We rushed back in the rain expecting our site and things to be drenched. We were in luck and the only spot it didn't rain was in our campground.

After our hike, we decided to relax at camp for a bit and make dinner. No camping trip would be complete without hot dogs and there are awesome alternatives if you are meat free like me. This trip, I brought a pack of smart dogs, which aren't my favorite, but I have yet to find a better alternative and a can of Trader Joe's Vegetarian Chili. This chili is absolutely incredible! Even if you are not a meat eater, you will love this chili. We then made some smores and decided to find a coffee shop in town to edit photos and get a warm drink. We didn't expect it to be as cold as it was in Mammoth and we were freezing!

Once we headed back to camp, we agreed on waking up at sunrise to shoot at Mono Lake, but ran into a little problem. Lorina's car batter died! We tried and tried to get it started, but it was 10 PM and everyone was asleep, so we nixed our sunrise plans in hopes of finding someone to jumpstart our car later in the morning.

Thankfully, we found the kindest souls who were actually from Newport Beach, CA and managed to get the car battery started. The only catch was we couldn't turn the car off since we definitely needed a new battery. 

We then agreed we had to head back home rather than explore more in Mammoth. As we made our way home, we stopped at every car shop in hopes of finding a battery. After multiple stops, we finally found one in Bishop! The kind owners of the shop even installed the battery for us even though they normally don't do that. 

With our worries of a dead battery gone, we grabbed some lunch and explored the town of Bishop. Hopping from shop to shop while meeting some sweet locals.

This trip was a rough one with many thing going wrong along the way, but we survived and made some great memories!

Finally making it to the top in Zion

Finally making it to the top in Zion

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