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Visiting the REAL Halloweentown in St. Helens

Visiting the REAL Halloweentown in St. Helens

Located right outside Portland, you’ll find a place packed full of the hometown essentials, complete with a cliche town square, a local movie theater playing just one film, and white shiplap houses laced in moss. It’s truly a sight to be seen for anyone from a big city — including myself. To many, it’s just another Pacific Northwest town, but if you’re a DCOM kid, or even a Twilight fan, you’ll notice many of the St. Helen’s landmarks are also right out of, in my opinion, one of Disney’s best Disney Channel movies: Halloweentown.

When most kids were awaiting their letter from Hogwarts at 11 years old, I was waiting for my own Aggie Cromwell to pop up on my door step at age 13 on Halloween night. Sadly, she never arrived, but I’ve been able to keep the magic alive by visiting this cute, little town.

Every October, St. Helens celebrates their annual Spirit of Halloweentown, often with the some of the actors from the original film participating in the season kick off. Packed full of hokey decor, St. Helens becomes the quintessential small town capitalizing on a movie that came out 20 years ago — and I love it!

If you’re ever in Portland during this time of year, I highly recommend a quick trip out for a look at this cute celebration. From Aggie Cromwell’s house to Halloweentown City Hall, Bella’s House, and the Forks High School parking lot — St. Helens will make all your pre-teen spoopy dreams come true. For some more info and photos, check out this blog post I wrote a couple years ago HERE.

HT 1.jpg

When I was younger, Marnie Piper’s looks in all the Halloweentown movies, well maybe except the fourth, which we shall not talk about, were absolute goals. Thanks to this little Disney community, dressing up like her and running around Halloweentown is quite acceptable, not without stares from the locals of course.

Per usual, this entire look was created through thrifting. Thankfully all the costumes are now out at the thrift stores, making finding the hat and cape quite easy. Although, I couldn’t find a hooded cape in time, I felt this sleeveless one is what bounds are all about. It’s not an exact recreation of Marnie original outfit, which is why I love it. I grabbed some glitter fabric from my local craft store, then sewed some stars and moons onto both the cape and hat, creating Marnie’s iconic pieces.

HT 3.jpg

I rounded off the look by creating my own version of Marnie’s velvet dress —frankly her entire look is a velvet dream! I managed to snag this maroon velvet dress at a Goodwill in San Diego and rather than recreating her paisley skirt, I opted for this kimono from the same store.

Fun fact, this kimono actually isn’t a kimono! I found a large shirt and cut it right down the middle since this style was too hard to track down.

HT 4.jpg

Of course a trip to Halloweentown wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Aggie Cromwell’s house! We had a flight to catch, so we didn’t have enough time to run around to the rest of the filming locations, but this older blog post of mine has a few more photos, plus a better look at what this location looks like during the actual celebration.

HT 5.jpg

Which Halloweentown movie is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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